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Some of you have visited this site because you are ready to try giving yourself a fade haircut.  I was there once myself and have never looked back.  The amount of money I save with cutting my own hair is in the hundreds of dollars.  Nowadays a good quality haircut will cost in the range of $15-$20 per haircut, plus tip.  Multiply that by 26 haircuts a year (I have to cut mine every 2 weeks) and you are at over $500 per year spent on haircuts.  I know that my budget can use that extra money every year!
To be fair, there is some up front cost when gearing up to cut your own hair.  Luckily, I am going to save you a lot of time and money by sharing what my friends and I have learned over many years of cutting our hair.  First the tips, then we’ll get into the equipment…
Tips when deciding to cut your own hair:

We’re almost to the haircutting part. Before you start, you’ll need some basic equipment.  Those items are:

Now that we have all the tools for the job, we can get stated with cutting our own fade haircut. Before you begin, you’ll want to prepare you hair by getting a little damp and combing out any “pillow head” type situations.  This will cause you to cut unevenly in those areas.  Next, find a well lighted area with a big mirror.  Most bathrooms have the mirror and bright enough lighting, so go ahead and start there.  Once you have all your equipment laid out and you’ve checked them for proper function and lubrication, start getting yourself familiar with using the mirror to achieve necessary vantage points.  You’ll need to be able to cut with both hands and hold the hand mirror with the opposite hand, respectively.  Try looking at all sides of your head with the mirror, using right then left hand.  I won’t go much more into detail here. This is one of those skills you’ll get better at with time.

Let’s get that fade going.  The steps you are about to read apply to anyone doing the cutting. In other words, if you are cutting your own hair or cutting someone else’s hair, these directions will apply regardless. 

Step 1:  Start with the blade length you want the bulk of the fade to be. For the purposes of this how-to we’ll assume the fade is gong to be a zero or no guard.  Place your adjustable clippers and put them on the fully closed position (no guard, blade is at it’s closest cut setting.  Start from fade from the bottom up to about 1.5 inches lower than where you want the fade to end.  This imaginary 1.5 inch band of hair will be where your fade is. 

Step 2:  Take the No. 2 guard and fade up from the No. 1 line 1.5 inches, evenly around the head.

Step 3: Take the No. 1 guard and fade out the line left from the no guard line, this time about 1.25 inches up form the zero guard line. 

Step 3:  Set the clippers to no guard fully open (lever slide down for longest cut setting) and fade up from the original zero guard line. 

If there are still lines in the fade, play with the intermediate settings for the guard/no guard clipper combinations to achieve the right length to remove the line.  Remember guys, this is an art and every person’s head is different. 
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